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UFC Lightweight Champion BJ Penn comments after retaining his belt against Diego Sanchez at UFC 107. Get up to date MMA and UFC news at the World’s top MMA News website


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26 Comments on “BJ Penn UFC 107 Post-Fight Comments – MMA Weekly News”

  1. @chris1639 and watch your boy edgar get raped in the rematch… that fight was rigged a bunch of judges gave a bullshit call… penn is gonna straigh fuck his "jouisy shore" ass up…

  2. @BobReefer what fight were you watching?? bj penn clearly landed more shots and punches than edgar… nd yes penn got taken down 2x but 2/9 on takedowns by edgar where he did nothing to show ground control was weak… all he did was move around the ring and get countered on whenever he came in to throw… it was obvious that penn won 3 rounds… then a UD came out for edgar? come on wtf? but hey i do respect you opinion but mark my words tho the rematch wont end in a decision…

  3. @johnfetu You were saying? Let me guess, Edgar didn't win this one either.

    BJ Penn is a sore winner and even more of a sore loser.

    Let's see what excuse or accusation he comes up with for this one.

  4. @Argentuban i was wrong (no excuses) frankie did a great job in this one… but he didnt finish the fight… and the first one BJ gave full credit to frankie for his win… BJ never took anything away from that (I on the other hand felt very differently) but this one BJ clearly lost… its just really shitty that neither of them could have given us a distinct ending… i am and always will be a WANDERLEI SILVA and BJ PENN FAN!!!!

  5. @johnfetu Check again. Penn claimed Edgar stole the first decision with the judges due to his "premature celebration" – which is stupid on its face because the judges would have already scored the first 4 rounds of the fight anyways.

    Grease, psychologically influencing judges with celebration, alien abduction etc….the list will expand. Now a lot of Penn nuthuggers are claiming Penn was drugged before this last fight. Give me a break.

  6. @coltfan15 And my great great grandmother is a "cherokee princess".

    I love how a Eurasian can be embraced as a native on an island that was effectively usurped by …Eurasians.

  7. @Argentuban yeah BJ claimed that only after edgar said it was a strategy to pursade the judges(on mmatko/ ariel hawani interview)… also fight metric showed BJ PENN landed more in the 1st fight… and yes he did accuse GAY-SP for greasing (which he did)… and i don't hate GSP and frankie edgar because they beat bj penn… i dont like them because they DON'T FINISH FIGHTS (i hate machida and fitch too) bj penn goes for it win or lose… so i aint a "BJ nuthugger" as u say i'm a BJ PENN FANN.

  8. @johnfetu And yet BJ couldn't finish off Edgar either time. Nice logic, "fann"…or "nutthugggger" might be better.

    Of his last 12 fights, he has lost 6, and won 1 of the 6 victories via decision. 5 out of 12 is not a good record for finishing fights.

  9. @Argentuban BJ's 6 and 12 was against the best fuck'n people in the world not to mention the machida fight which was a catchweight where BJ was 191 and MACHIDA was 200+….

    Frankie edgar on the other hand, had his last 12 with 8 decisions and a loss against maynard… (besides BJ) he fought all but one UFC champ which he did not finish!! (you know sherk, the one that BJ PENN FINISHED)

    BJ PENN has done more for the sport than most champions ever will… SO FUCK OFF U STUPID NEWBY!!!

  10. @Argentuban WHY DO YOU COME ON A BJ PENN VIDEO AND TALK SHIT ABOUT HIM… you have no class you talk about him as a fighter talking shit, yet you dont fight yourself and talk more shit about him than any fighter that has fought him…

    and for the record bj is hawaiian, korean, and irish…

  11. @johnfetu Take a pill, princess. I'm free to call BJ and his fans out for being hypocrites, and you're free to throw your adolescent tantrums over your loveboy fantasy idol. Toodles!

  12. @Argentuban princess? (das kinda homo of u) i am a bj fan but how was I being a hypocrite? i made a prediction and was wrong (yes bj had lost) plus i wasn't throwing a tantrum u fuckin loser, u just insulted me for no reason like some faggot keyboard warrior… u see whether or not my fav fighter wins or loses i still cheer them on because of their style of fighting… thats prolly something u wouldnt understand because you prolly just started watching MMA… Oh and only homo's say toodles. lol

  13. @specialforces69 hahaha thank u my friend… (although i'm not much of a machida fan but its cool with me that you are) btw saw you pick and i 150% SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!! i got a gf and some family members still in the mid east they're some of the 50,000 troops still there…

  14. @Mr2PacsFather Sorry. Look at his dad and his mom. A Limey and a Korean.

    Has f- all to do with his fighting bility either way. Just think it's hokey when some of the anti-Eurasian Hawaians back him like he is their own.

    Only when it is convenient it seems…..

    If he'd get his act together (near to his BJJ/boxing standard) with the wrestling and kickboxing he'd bounce back fast.

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