Conor McGregor punished by UFC and removed from Dec 30th fight; Bisping not retiring after Kelvin

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– Colby Covington speaks on training at ATT after his comments about Brazil and calls out Tyron Woodley.
MMA Roasted:

– Michael Bisping and Kelvin Gastelum scheduled to fight in China, Dwayne The Rock Johnson sends a nice tweet to Bisping.

– Michael Bisping on the MMA Hour says he has no plans of retiring after his fight with Kelvin Gastelum in China as Anderson Silva’s replacement.
The MMA Hour:

– Conor McGregor punished by UFC for the Bellator incident in the cage when Charlie Ward won. Removed him from his rumored fight on December 30th.

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41 Comments on “Conor McGregor punished by UFC and removed from Dec 30th fight; Bisping not retiring after Kelvin”

  1. conor will not fight tony he knew dana wouldnt harbour him for ever,he did doco whichs shows sighns of retirement an then asked for shares an now dana forcing him to fight tony to kill off conor th ufc did it to andre alo and they will do it to conor they got there money off him now he's obsolete,conor will go down as the first ever champion who never defended his belt,least gsp,bj penn,anderson all the greats fought for honour an pride more than money

  2. Anyone remember the days when Connor used to fight in the MMA….hasnt fought in MMA in over a year…lost to floyd and now this bullshit…his hype train is gone and now people see him for the dumb cunt he is.

  3. He deserves an assault charge if anything he slapped a referee if I did this to someone I would go to jail why does he seem to get away with all of this. Most unhumble fighter I've ever seen always makes thing about money or himself. I used to be a fan but the way he treats his opponents before fight and his actions has lead me to believe this narcissistic human being derserves no fan no fame and no money.

  4. Wow really…
    Conor gets "punished"???
    They just saved his ass,
    If conor would fight tony in such short notice hed lose and ufc would lose a star.

  5. I am a Connor fun but I am sure this whole thing was done on purpose and with UFC's collaboration to avoid defending the belt….

    McGregor will start losing many funs gradually…Even the casual funboys will start to hate him because they can afford whatever cocky behavior a fighter has as long as it is supported with machismo…and doing stupid shit to avoid fights is not machismo…

  6. all the commenters are jealous of Conor i dont give a fuck what you think i just made a hundred million dollars McGregor, and have suddenly all become conspiracy theorist. tonys chin forward style is tailor made for a Conor knockout why would he dodge it?!

  7. Mc Gregor set he wasn't planning on fighting till next yr he's the golden boy of UFC and bisping is humble an a fighter he's the real MVP, and FUCK Tyron Woodley I don't like Colby at all but Tyrone does BICH ALOT lol but it's understandable

  8. The UFC needs conor. Conor doesn't need the UFC. If conor left for Bellator, he would bring a huge amount of people with him. BELLATOR IS UP AND COMING, UFC BETTER TREAT THEIR FIGHTERS RIGHT OR ELSE THEY WILL ALL LEAVE

  9. Punish him by giving his belt to Tony Ferguson, and give Tony and fight with Khabib. Remove Conor from the picture, until he acts responsibly. He was never going to fight in December anyway, not until you paid him millions as opposed to peanuts.

  10. I’m losing respect for mystic Mac. He ain’t about fighting anymore. He is a walking soap opera. I️ really truly hope mate or Ferguson beats his skull in. He lost his mind and nobody has the right to act like that and just slap an official and get away with it. And I️ was and still is a fan of the man, but enough is enough

  11. Fights over,Conor rushes in,jump on his freind to celebrate, in jumps two reffs,to split them apart,why did they do that? Fights over, why interfeir in a celebration? Is that not allowed? A little joy, or was it because it was Conor? It"s not always fun beeing famous,not everybody loves you,envy and hate,goes hand in hand,with the rich and famous.

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