Former UFC champ Holly Holm not interested in reviving boxing career

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14 Comments on “Former UFC champ Holly Holm not interested in reviving boxing career”

  1. The only fighter in the entire combat sports history : title shot after 2 losses and now another title shot after 3 losses. Why don't the UFC give her a belt and make her the first 2 division female champion.. I am telling you this fight is fixed.

  2. Holly doesn't like fighting at all anymore… She beat Ronda sure but she's never looked impressive in the UFC besides that one day. I never saw it but only in that one flash of brilliance.

  3. Boring, not a champ, and I don't see how people say she's pretty but whatever. I don't hate her but she is overrated as hell. She's had one good performance and that was against Ronda.

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