Joe Rogan reacts to NGannou vs Overeem KNOCKOUT; UFC 218 results

Joe Rogan reacts to francis NGannou vs Alistair Overeem knockout | Plus UFC 218 news and backstage clips!

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43 Comments on “Joe Rogan reacts to NGannou vs Overeem KNOCKOUT; UFC 218 results”

  1. I realize this is thee most dangerous fighting sport, However NGannou or anything mma cage fighter must know some where in their tiny little brains, that when they hit a guy and see him go down and out unconsciously that he's out man, is it really necessary to jump on him and hammer punch him and knock him more into dream land. There probably just caught up in the seek & destroy mode? Ya that must be it?

  2. Aldo: no kicks, no ground game. He is great at both. No wonder. He also didn't in their first bout. As with some other fighters who seemed so great and most think them as such, Max just doesn't fight like the best. Neither does Furgesson. This heavy weight Francis is being made seem out of this world but Alistar could have landed a solid hit, too, and first, and won. Someone had to land a good strike and it was Francis. I do think Francis can beat most in the top 7 or so, but we have to wait and see.

  3. FUCK OFF!… Overeem was pulling his head back as he got hit, if he hadn't it would have been a brutal knockout, as it was it was just a knockout. Just another example of how sensational everything has become… bullshit sells… lies are truth!!!

  4. Reward: for the safe return of seven teeth that belong to Allistair Overeem. They were last seen twinkling in the air at little Caesar arena, Detroit Michigan. A few of the teeth may actually have traveled as far as the parking lot. If found contact allistair himself, or his dentist. Thank you.

  5. The way some fans think, I’m surprised some deluded McGregor fans haven’t called for the “ McGregor V Ngannou” fight. Probably come up with a whole argument on how he could pull it off.

  6. Hey Max! Remember when u lost to Connor. You're not the champ.And it drives me nuts to hear people say" at the end of the day."And "it is what it is". And Max Holloway has to use it as his catchphrase so fucking annoying .

  7. The problem with these great athletes like Aldo and Overmeer is not a lack of skill. if you see their action, they are too scared not to get hit, and they are not concentrating on how to attack on the right moment, and defend by watching what the other gay is doing. Look Overeem, he was ducking and throwing punches from that down position without seeing what his opponent was doing. On the other hand, NGannous was not scared not to get hit; he was watching and timing his opponent the whole time. if they are too scared to loose, they are sabotaging themselves.

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