Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Barboza confirmed co-main event; FOX offers UFC $200 Million; Conor McGregor

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Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Barboza confirmed as UFC 219 co-main event
FOX Offers $200 Million to Retain UFC Broadcast Rights
Paige VanZant confirms Jan. 14 fight in St. Louis, opponent still not official
Rampage Jackson gets cheap shot while working on head movement
Michelle Waterson promoting her fight with Tecia Torres
Carla Esparza gets at training surprised by USADA
Conor McGregor posts video on instagram and much more!

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44 Comments on “Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Barboza confirmed co-main event; FOX offers UFC $200 Million; Conor McGregor”

  1. Idk y everyone so crazy for kahbib that guy only good with wrestling his hands are pillow and his striking sucks edson forsure going to piece him up hope edson does a flying knee to his face when khabib shots for a takedown i wanna see him rematch ferguson

  2. This is the reason why khabib is such a controversial figure. He’s undefeated but never makes weight for the fights that matter. He should have made weight for the TF fight, so he could take on Conor and become the champ. But we all know this tiramisu eatin Russian bear ain’t gonna make weight…. AGAIN!!

  3. If water boarding doesnt work when interrogating prisoners then they should tie them to a chair and make them watch barbosa kick the heavy bag and tell them that they will be next if they dont start talking.

  4. mcnugget would prefer to get stripped that way, in his mind, he "never lost the title". he didnt care when he was stripped of the 145 title, and now he's hoping they strip him of the 155 title. mcgregor is a pussy ass hoe

  5. Ofc $450 million is realistic just think how much the sport is going to grow in the future (it may go even further than boxing), and the UFC is the main MMA organisation.

  6. Anyone else think Conor is a over hyped douche bag. Remember when he was bashing FWs half his size and now that he has to face LWs his own size he runs and hides and will do anything to avoid them. They don't call him McChicken for nothing

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