Live Chat: UFC 218 Preview, Conor McGregor’s Behavior, TUF 26 Finale

UFC 218: Max Holloway vs. Jose Aldo 2 is days away. We’ll get into the details of that fight card. We’ll also take a look at Conor McGregor’s behavior over the weekend at an alleged bar fight. There’s also a Bellator event on Friday and the finale of The Ultimate Fighter 26, both headlined by women’s championship fights. This is the Promotional Malpractice Live Chat with Luke Thomas.



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36 Comments on “Live Chat: UFC 218 Preview, Conor McGregor’s Behavior, TUF 26 Finale”

  1. I find you really cringe to listen too sometimes Luke. I think you think your a god within mma media. Your very American and this makes you kind of silly. In the end all you do is speculate and we are all good at that… So what's all the fuss about people?

  2. Why has no one really suggested that he could be going for a WWE career, rather than fighting, and in that case these incidents (Bellator, bar brawl) aren't that bad for him. His nickname is "the notorious" after all.

  3. I hope that the UFC strips Conor real soon. Lets say they don't and he defends his title. The only person that he will defend against is Nate. His coach was on the MMA Hour saying that Nate is the second best lightweight. So lets say that happens. Lets say Conor wins again. That means that he won't defend for another year, if he defends. It locks up the entire division for years. The UFC has to strip Conor now. Reason=not defending the belt within a years time when healthy. That boxing thing has nothing to do with UFC MMA.

  4. You haters need to let go of the jealousy. Conor’s not going to listen to you. He’s young, handsome, rich and enjoying life. He will be remembered forever. When you go nobody will remember your jealous bum ass.

  5. I don't see woman's MMA as better or worse. The girls are often more technical so I can enjoy their fights more than a men's fight depending on the match. Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate in particular can be thanked for this. It's very clear to me that introducing woman to the UFC has made it better.

  6. Hypetrains=Till, Covington, should fight each other. Gaethje is another.
    These days, all a fighter has to do is beat 1 top ten opponent and suddenly, he's a top contender and can beat anyone in the world.
    Gaethje, in the UFC-1-0 Wow!!

  7. Can the stupid people stop commenting on this video that he talks too intelligently? Go watch Rogan’s MMA Show, or Schaub’s Big Brown Breakdown if it feels like it’s too much of a strain to understand.

    The other top analyst are the guys at Heavy Hands, who also talk intelligently.

  8. McGregor hasn't fought in MMA in so long and hasn't behaved like a sportsman by defending belts that he is not worth talking about. Any use of his name, at this point, is done to draw attention, i.e, click batting.

    I've said it last year on a podcast that no longer exists… McGregor is NOT nor was he ever "good for the sport".
    The issue is, much like at any other profession, people use the term "business" with little to no understanding of what it actually means.
    McGregor is indeed good for business but he is bad for the sport… I wish more people would understand that and stop rooting for things that are in essence only good for a few people's pocket but bad for the rest of us.
    It reminds of the time after Holy beat Ronda where Dana said Holy should wait more than a year because the rematch is "a money fight" and everyone were cheering like pathetic sheep.
    Money fight for who?
    For Dana? Yes.
    For Holy, possibly (contract dependent).
    For the rest of us it only meant NOT seeing a fighter fight! Yet somehow no one seemed to have understood it.

    McGregor is no different. Sure, he produces money, whatever, but he blurred the lines of weight classes. Devalued the hierarchy (which is literally the backbone of a sport) and devalued the belt.
    There are people out there who are great performers, talented and skilled at their craft and because of that people assume they know and understand what business is.
    Wrong, they do not.
    Brendan Schaub often champions himself for understanding the business of sport – he doesn’t.
    Joe Rogan, on a podcast not long ago raised the questionpossibility (to Brendan) that the UFC adopted a business strategy with the sole intention of selling their product and was surprised that something like that exists.
    I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry… ridiculous.
    Of course that’s what the UFC did!
    Anyone with half a brain and a minor understanding in business could see it years before.
    That strategy is so classic and established it even has a name!
    Again, I’ve talked about it in a podcast (that no longer exists) two years before it even happened but because the name Joe Rogan is famous or because Brendan Schaub is funny and good at designing shirts people assume they know what they’re talking about.
    They don’t.
    Brendan Schaub often corrects Brian by saying “that’s not how business works”.
    Yet again – wrong.
    That is exactly how it works in other sports that are really sport-oriented.

    In chess there has been one case where a world champion chose to play against someone who didn’t win the tournament for playing against him because that someone would draw more attention and thus bring more money.
    There was such an uproar and it never happened again.
    Who plays against the champion (i.e – a contender), whoever bloody won! Regardless of how interesting his play is or whether or not he is boring or can speak in front of a crowd. It’s about skill.
    The business aspect figures out business dealings to create an entire package as compensation but they don’t sacrifice the sport and turning it into a circus.

    If there is no hierarchy, if belts don’t matter, if we don’t emphasis that which literally makes it into a sport then all that is left is a promotion trying to make money for themselves by any means – i.e, a circus.

    People forget (even Helwani) that before McGregor the UFC was all about the hierarchy and even Dana (at the time he needed to establish it as a sport, something he no longer needs as that interest ran its course when they exit!) protected it at the expense of the nowadays celebrated phrase – “money fight”.
    I do like Ariel, he is a good guy but he is so naive and has zero understanding of business and that IS a problem.

    The media, which has more responsibility than merely “reporting” is supposed to protect the sport… not celebrate the modern circus because the name McGregor brings more attention to their own work.

    As far as I’m concerned everyone has failed the “sport” of MMA.
    These days, unfortunately, it is NOT a sport… just a spectacle oriented promotion based money grabber.
    The skeleton of sportsmanship has been deboned several years ago and it primarily by the hands of McGregor.
    So like I said, sure, he brings money in for the few who are in a position to enjoy it… for the rest of us he devalued everything, blurred everything and these days it can’t even be called a sport because it literally doesn’t even qualify as anything that’s practiced under that methodology.

  9. Conor Mcgregor is cool as hell and an awesome fighter. This guy is and always was a hater of Conor. He is the only one who is outraged by his behavior. When he was talking to Dana the other day, you’d have thought he was a cop. He passes judgement as if he has never made a mistake.
    I love mma and I try to catch all of the shows but this guy is the worst hater.
    Great voice though

  10. Luke you need to recognize that Mcgregor is the most popular fighter in mma history. I realize that you and your co host hate him but you are losing fans over it. I listen to your Sirius show religiously but recently all that you do is cut down Conor. I’m gonna give you guys one more chance but the next time that I tune in only to hear a Conor cut-down fest, you will lose me and all of my friends. If it’s important you’ll listen

  11. Don’t say “I just don’t find enough evidence to conclude that” if you haven’t done some sort of legitimate study, test, or poll. You could simply say, “I don’t think that’s true” and it’d be fine, but you go out of your way to sound more intelligent than you are.

  12. To that female commenter: maybe it feels like “a men’s interest entertainment product” because mostly men watch? Entertainment heads care about money above all, they cater to their demographic. They don’t want to be exclusive and lose out on money, so if more women started watching earlier, it wouldn’t have been so male-focused. I thought this was obvious, but SJW types have to take a stand against common sense. And of course Luke simply says “I agree 100%”, which make his ideologies create a barrier around his common sense…or he’s also a moron.

  13. You all over estimate Conors intelligence. Relative to mma hes savvy, but thats just because mma guys are useless at promotion. Even his trash talk was never AMAZING. Good timing, but he lost to nate diaz in a war of words when diaz said touch butt in the park. I love diaz but if a diaz bro owns you in a battle of whits youre hardly Einstein. Hes only big cus irish fans are super loyal to the point he scammed them all into a fake boxing fight and they still love him

  14. Women's Tennis: A few years back Serena Williams played against the top 500th male Tennis player and got savagely beat. This is after she claimed she could compete with top 50 men. Women's are inferior to men in sports. Perhaps all sports.

  15. 50:00 Dana White was emboldened by Whittaker being so cucked about the MW title he let everyone repeat he was horribly injured when the real reason he didn't get the title shot was because he refused to take part in the TUF reality show.
    "For the record, Whittaker believes he’ll be able to rehab his knee to the point where he’s good to go in eight weeks. He thinks there was a possibility of him being able to fight on the November 4th card against Bisping, but that wasn’t the direction the promotion wanted to go. "

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