Michael Bisping sets new UFC record; Joe Rogan slams crazy UFC decision; Megan Olivi & Gina Carano

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UFC ‘Shanghai’ post-event facts: Michael Bisping sets new UFC record for most times knocked down
Kelvin Gastelum Shows Off How Classy He Really Is In New Post-Fight Message To Michael Bisping
Joe Rogan slams ‘crazy’ decision to let Michael Bisping fight after ‘brutal’ loss to Georges St-Pierre
Champ Amanda Nunes believes UFC ‘badly’ wants her to lose the title: ‘They’re not idiots’
Alexander Gustafsson has successful surgery
Thats how UFC Fighter Ricardo Lamas leaves after shopping
MMA Legend Gina Carano fooling around with new filters and much more!

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34 Comments on “Michael Bisping sets new UFC record; Joe Rogan slams crazy UFC decision; Megan Olivi & Gina Carano”

  1. Amanda Nuñes needs to STFU. You’re actually a great fighter but you’re also kind of a dick. Your last fight was dull. You want the UFC to cater to you then you should go out here and actually fight next time.

  2. The UFC and USADA are BS, Bisping got his ass kicked by Silva and the judges give it to Bisping. Then USADA is used to keep Silva from fighting. Silva vs. Gastelum would have been a good fight, but no we got much less of a fight. The UFC claims Bisping saved the Show by stepping up, saved the Show for who? it sure wasn't the Fans.

  3. amanda nunes thinks ufc 'badly' want her to lose title: "they're not idiots".
    so they'd be idiots if they wanted her to be champ? Bitch please!
    i hope it's just a language thing, and that she really doesn't think that way.

  4. Wow man. They dont need to give us that info on Bisping. Come on dudes tasteless. Why announce that. His kids got to live with that and family also. Dude didnt deserve that stat released.

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