Rita Ora posts photo with Conor McGregor “Date Night; Daniel Cormier training; Max Holloway

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Rita Ora cuddles up to Conor McGregor on ‘date night’ at Fashion Awards afterparty but fans call her ‘disrespectful’
Manager: Mark Hunt medically cleared to return, eyes Fabricio Werdum rematch at UFC 221
Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou odds: Champ opens as betting underdog for ‘Predator’ title fight
Max Holloway: If the Conor McGregor rematch doesn’t happen, it’s on him
Training Day at #TeamAKA with Daniel Cormier
After a long time – Alexander Gustafsson back on social media
Paige Vanzant stars media tour for UFC St. Luis and much more!

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31 Comments on “Rita Ora posts photo with Conor McGregor “Date Night; Daniel Cormier training; Max Holloway”

  1. Finally, Conor Mc is showing his true colours! "Who Tha FOOK, is Dee Devlin?", And "He apologises for absolutely, NOTHIN!"
    A GRADE ASSHOLE! A woman that stuck by you through the hard years and new baby, tossed aside for a 1 night stand that has been passed around hollywood! Lol always thought this CUNT, was a CUNT!

  2. Haha why is it always the butches driving harsh words at other woman? I think all a woman needs to be is attractive and the bitches start running their mouths. Conor looks like he can look after himself there mean girls.

  3. Conor fans are insufferable; they treat this man as if he's jesus what a total drama queen he is. He hasn't even fought in MMA and simply acts like a celebrity. I hate fanboys. And hoes. But if you wanna like him as a private citizen, I don't care; let him do his thing…just don't call him a fighter because he doesn't fight.

    Also Max is awesome.

  4. people forget that life is a bit of a different situation when your a public figure or celebrity. Im pretty sure conor isn't leaving his wife for that broad and im also pretty sure she has a bf thats a musician lol. relax guys

  5. Glad that Stipe vs. Francis is happening sooner than later, just a month away.  And why not since Francis has not been breaking a sweat in the ring and Stipe had all of this team off to be ready for this beast.

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