The Original Boxing Reflex Ball, Portable Punching Bag, Fight Ball, Boxing Headband, Workout Anywhere, Improve Reaction & Speed, Increase Agility and Strength, Gym Boxing Equipment

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👊Super Striker👊

 Develop your reflexes and reaction speed with extreme concentration! Improve your body physically and mentally!

 Super Striker is excellent for people of all ages and all skill levels.

 Have a killer workout and have fun at the same time!

 Super Striker is meant to give you the ultimate shadow boxing experience!

 Super Striker is the perfect boxing equipment that you can carry anywhere with you. The ball’s quick and unpredictable movement keeps you alert, focused and always ready to react. 

 Take Super Striker anywhere you go! Work! School! The Park! The Gym! Our compact design allows for easy and portable storage!

 Feeling like a pro? Try tying the string even shorter to test out your skills!

 Feel confident purchasing Super Striker’s boxing reflex ball with our 100% RISK-FREE purchase!

 Should there be any faultiness in our product, we will offer you a replacement, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

 What are you waiting for? Become a Super Striker today!

(May contain Latex!)

👊 UNLEASH THE BEAST WITHIN! – Our world class boxing reflex ball is just what you need to take your game to the next level! It’s just what you need to increase your reflexes, reaction timing, agility and hand-eye coordination!
👊 SHED FAT, BURN CALORIES, GET THE BODY YOU WANT! – Super Striker is the perfect equipment for the gym! Tone your body in a high intensity workout. Super Striker is perfect for all. From beginner to professional, Super Striker is sure give you the workout you need.
👊 WORK OUT ANYWHERE! – Super Striker boxing reflex ball allows you to squeeze in a workout wherever you are! Super Striker is so lightweight and compact that you can take it with you everywhere you go. Get a workout out in at home or even at the office! Don’t make excuses, make progress!
👊 BEST ON THE MARKET – Super Striker uses only the highest quality material to ensure our product will not break or rip, and will be able to withstand the strength and power of a real Super Striker.


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