Tony Ferguson declined Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 219; Tyron Woodley offers Nate Diaz money solution

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Tyron Woodley Offers a Solution to Nate Diaz’s Money Demands
Cormier: Khabib vs Ferguson was offered for UFC 219, but Tony hasn’t accepted
“…Joanna Jedrzejczyk promises to be ‘more cocky and ‘more arrogant following UFC 217 accident
Luke Rockhold, Khabib Nurmagomedov & DC training at #TeamAKA
Footage of UFC Shanghai Media Day
Michael Bisping on his final preparations for UFC Shanghai and much more!

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32 Comments on “Tony Ferguson declined Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 219; Tyron Woodley offers Nate Diaz money solution”

  1. Funny how this is framed now, like Tony did the unspeakable thing and "dodged" a fight, when it is McTapper who should defend. Talk about a twisted narrative. And all the shills help perpetuating it. Sad times for MMA.

  2. Khabib pulled out cuz he was injured once and failed to make weight once and Tony pulled out cuz he was injured once and now he dosent to fight so its 2-2 ! Who will be the champ ?

  3. Ferguson: Blah blah blah stop running Conor …blah blah …no I won't fight Kebab … blah blah .. .I'm the greatest ….

    When did Conor ever turn down a fight? Did he fight Diaz at 170 because Diaz couldn't make 16? Did he take Mendes on short notice? How many fights has he turned down. An interim belt holder turning down fights? How tcan they even offer him a fight if it's not Conor?? Dana said Conor's next fight has to be Tony. How can Tony fight someone else?

  4. tyron and nate are out of there mind they aren't as valuable as conor for the company no way they ever get 1 million, and wtf Joanna ? you want To be a second ronda or what ? cockiness was the real downfall for her, i hope you are just joking

  5. yes woodley we know u style up good with diaz with the wrestling and all and yes we know hes a good money fight but ur trash talking is weak and ur fights sucks stop begging jeeze and no iam not white iam just an mma fan

  6. Why the hate on T Wood? He's a champion, he should be getting paid more to fight as it is.
    And Ferguson's smart for declining that fight, why should the interim champ defend before the actual one?

  7. Tony Ferguson did the right thing to decline Khabib. He is interim champ and should fight McNugget. Second who says Khabib will make weight? And what about Barboza who is scheduled and accepted to fight Khabib at Ufc 219???

  8. The audacity I see sometimes just baffles me. No, I don't agree with everything Woodley does and he could be more entertaining at times, but I think his mind is in the right place. Demetrius demanded more money. Highly arguable he's not much different from Tyron. Doesn't exactly sell out ppvs. Doesn't really finish fights all that often. Plays a strategic game fit to his fight style or what makes sense against the opponent. But he's WINNING. And an at least decent individual for the face of the sport. Some of you seem to forget or not know where the roots of MARTIAL ARTS, not just the sport of MMA itself comes from. Ever train in a traditional dojang or dojo, it's a very humble atmosphere. Heck, any respectable domain for self improvement and wellness better yet. Shouldn't have to do the best smack talk, fight like a dog, or abandon some intelligence and safety all the time just to get better wages when you're still in fact continuously getting the job's objective done. He actually worked his way up to the top, some wins against highly notable fighters, and his win for the belt was in fact undeniable. The UFC is a company that does fight PROMOTIONS. So it isn't just on the fighter to sell fights. Man not only has kids, but a life to live outside of that ring. UFC doesn't even properly promote or pay fighters that ARE arguably more exciting and finishing fights ?! Sad that there's such a lack of substance in our community. People rather just instantly bash someone or throw around silly jokes than actually have some constructive thought to put forth

  9. I don’t know who put it in Nate’s head he’s a big money fighter. It’s ridiculous. All these fighters asking for more money is just gonna put them out of a paycheck eventually

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